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A high performance system for growing your business and getting the best from your accountant
Our firm operates under the Right Time, Right Value model that defines who we choose to serve as a business. We looked at the best structure for our clients; asking who do we work the best with? The result is two clear concepts:
  1. Each client, for them to succeed, must need the products and services we sell
  2. Each client must operate with similar values to ours
If a business doesn’t need what we sell, or they don’t align in values, we will never achieve a great fit working together.
There are 3 objectives of our Total Care Process, which we’ve proven in over 10 years in business:
  1. Improve your business life and that of your family
  2. Keep you compliant with the rules while saving tax
  3. Help you understand your numbers and enjoy doing it
    If you want your business to meet those objectives then fill in the confidential application form below.
Once you’ve done that, we’ll assess your application and come back to you quickly if we think what we’re doing will work for you.

Looking forward to reading all about your business!
The EJD Machacek team


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