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We will be your most trusted advisors.

That may not happen quickly, and certainly not by accident. Trust is gained and tested over time through experiencing life together. Trust is enhanced when we know where we’ve been and where we’re going. Trust is built on solid foundations; deep, rooted experiences that withstand all weathering. We have worked hard for years to bring our best, our mistakes and our triumphs, to be the ones who continually have your back and relentlessly pursue your best outcomes. We are excited for you to see that side of us!

Our two partners, Bryan and Everett, worked together in a National/International firm years ago (2003-2006 to be exact) as accounting students. Opportunities carried them each down separate paths for awhile; Bryan pursuing tax practice while Everett spent time in finance and private business. They were brought together again by a mutual passion to create a new value in public accounting and to pursue strong business relationships. We believe in the strength of our partners, our team and our clients - period.

Our mission is to provide exceptional accounting service and sound advice through expertise and genuine relationship with you. That means when you talk, we listen; when we talk, we mean it; and when you plan, we plan along side you. We’re looking forward to a long and enjoyable relationship with you.

Welcome to EJD Machacek.



 Bryan, Everett and our entire team.